Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost two months now!

Already it's been almost two months since we put in the application to adopt Logan. Today I emailed our social worker to ask if she received all the documents she needs. She has, but she's out of town. She promises to finish up our home-study by the end of next week. So, in case someone is reading this and is wondering about the time-frame to adopt, a home-study takes at least two months. Things could go faster, but not much. We already had a previous home-study from which to work, and we had all the documents completed. When we adopted Ben and John, it took us about five months to complete the home-study phase. On another note, this past weekend we took the kids on a ski trip to Holiday Valley. David and I had to stay with Ben on the beginner hills, and the other three big kids went off on their own to tear up the mountain. It reminded us again of why we decided to adopt Logan. The teens are all growing up so quickly, and Ben is going to need a brother his own age. We hope that we are able to go get Logan before next ski season! We wonder if Logan has ever even seen snow, since he is in a province about 5 hours south of Beijing. Ben and John had both seen a little snow before, but nothing like the amount of snow that we receive here in the winter. Ben was just enraptured the first time we had a significant snowfall. We hope Logan likes to ski too!