Monday, March 19, 2012

Update on Austin--and on Sam too!

Not too much to report yet. Austin went to the Dr. and now he has to see a neurologist and get an MRI. Austin has to miss school for the next week (at least) and rest completely. On the upside, I'll get to spend quality time with Austin before we add more boys to our family. I also received an update on Sam. He is 111cm tall, and weighs 18kg!!! He is almost the same size as Leo, the little brother!Leo is 109 cm and 16kg because he is from northern China, almost to Mongolia. The people of that area of China are known to be large. In fact, Harbin is sometimes called the Russian Chinese city!
  Luckily, Ben is still a little bit bigger than both of them. I know Ben is going to be mad when they get taller than him, which they probably will eventually. Ben was tiny when we adopted him, and I don't think he'll be very big ever. This reminds me that exactly two years ago today we first met our sons. The adoption wasn't finalized for a few days, but we took them into our arms and into our hearts on this day in 2010. How cool is that?