Sunday, June 12, 2011

what's in a name?

Here we go again!! Yes, I've been re-thinking the name Logan. For six months we've been calling KangChao his new American name, Logan. But lately I've had second thoughts about the name. First of all, we had a foster child whose name was Logan. We love him dearly, and I still entertain the idea that he may, someday, somehow, wind up back in our home. God works in mysterious ways, and I am certain, deep-down, that Logan will come home eventually. Also, Logan is not a Biblical name. I know that Austin and Connor are also not Biblical names, but adoption is guided entirely by faith, and I want our sons who are adopted to have names from the Bible. When I had Austin and Connor we didn't even attend church, so it wasn't as important then. Anyway, we tossed around names again at dinner. Boy, our dinner table is LOUD. On another note, I just read the book "20 and Counting" It's a book about a family who has 18 children!!! They are extremely organized, religious, home-schooling and fun!! I read the entire book in one day. How exciting to have such a big family!!