Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tomorrow we travel! It is just surreal. Sixteen months ago we completed our application to adopt, and finally the trip is upon us. I should be running around like- a- chicken- with- my- head- cut- off, but strangely, I'm not. I'm actually kind of bored. I must be forgetting something important. Or maybe there will be another last minute emergency that sends me scrambling. Hours before our flights in February, I was at the doctor's office having a cast put on Austin's broken arm. That's what I get when I'm feeling overly confident or serene. Ha!! So, today, I'm going to my taekwondo class, and then I'll drive Austin to his friend's house. The house-sitter should be able to hold down the fort, and all should be well. My next blog, I hope, will be from China. If my VPN works. Keep us in your prayers!