Sunday, September 18, 2011

Names again

As I mentioned before, I've been listening to Chinese lessons on Cd in my car. I was consistent and making progress last year, when I had to drive the kids to school everyday, but I didn't study at all over the summer. Now, I'm again trying to learn at least a little Chinese. As I was listening to the lesson on how to ask and tell time, I suddenly realized that the number six is "liu" pronounced similar to the name Leo.

6 liù
A few months ago Leo was one of the names we were seriously considering for KangChao. Now, I feel like the name Leo is the perfect name for Dang, Tong, who will be our sixth son! Also, the bedding that I ordered does have lions (and other big cats) on it. But, if we name Dang, Tong the American name Leo, what do we name KangChao? I'm not wild about the combination of Logan and Leo. So, now we're back to thinking maybe Samuel and Leo. Hmmm. Thoughts on this anyone?