Thursday, February 2, 2012

Honeoye Falls? Consulate email

I noticed that someone who reads our blog is from Honeoye Falls. We live in Geneseo, and our kids attend school in Lima, so I'm just curious if I know you? Leave a comment or send me a note, if you get time. On another note, I received an email today that our Article 5 letter was picked up yesterday, and we are now only waiting for our Travel Approval!!! This final document (TA) is the last, of many, steps in the adoption process. Once we have TA, we can book our flights and hotels. Of course, with the way the timing works, it looks like we'll be on our cruise when we receive TA. I'll probably be paying for the slow and high priced internet on the ship, just to check my email everyday. Ugh. At least we know that we'll have TA several months before we plan on traveling. Last time, in 2010, we received our TA and traveled only a few weeks later! We could travel in March, as I've said before, but we need to wait until a school break so that John only misses one week of school instead of two. Switching gears once again, I read a blog today posted by a family who is in Harbin (where little Leo lives) right now! They said it's -20F there, and they are just cold to the bone, although they do have central heat in their hotel. Brrrr. At least we know that Leo will be used to snow and ice!