Sunday, April 1, 2012

Almost, almost, almost....and the Winner is....

I am almost packed, finally, only a few days behind my self-imposed time schedule. Going to New York City Friday-Saturday (a 6 hour drive each way) for a taekwondo tournament with three of the boys, didn't help matters much . But things are slowly coming together. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when David called me on Saturday (while I was in NYC), to say that our passports with the visa stamps finally arrived. I mailed them on March 13th to the visa processing company, and for some reason the 4-5 days to process took over two weeks. I couldn't sleep Thursday night, worrying about our passports all night. Then I just gave it up to God, and went to the tournament as planned. I have also been working hard on our raffle to benefit Daqing orphanage. We're about $1200 short of our goal, but I'm happy nonetheless.  And so...drum roll please, The winner of a week at our cottage on Conesus Lake is Denise Patchett!!! She only bought one ticket, and she won!! Call me please, Denise, if you read this blog!

After church today, the boys spent the afternoon re-arranging their bedrooms. Ben is moving to the new bedroom (that the 3 little ones will share) downstairs. Then, since Connor is messy, messy, and he is no longer going to share a room with Ben, John and Connor are trading rooms. John will have one of the big bedrooms and Connor the smallest room in order to help him contain his mess. I can now cross that off my list of must do things before we leave. I have to go to the pharmacy and Walmart for various last minute items, the dogs have a vet appointment, I might try to get Austin into the dentist this week, and I have a CSE meeting at school for Ben on Tuesday. Of course, things never go exactly as planned, so, if you think of us this week, remember us in your prayers. We'll have family day with Sam exactly one week from today, after a two day stop in Beijing. Wow. Almost there.