Friday, February 10, 2012

New photos! and OMG a video!

We received two new photos of Dang, Tong (Leo)!!! And a video!! Tears of joy were streaming down my face. This is the first real glimpse we've had of his personality. Up until now, we've only had one little face shot, and he looks completely different now, so it's a very,very good thing we received the photos or we might not even recognize him!  By the way, I stopped posting any photos on my blog for two reasons: 1) I signed a contract with our agency that states I won't put my child's photo anywhere online, and 2) there are wayyy too many crazy people online. When I get time, hopefully this week, I'm going to take off all the photos I already posted. I will add them back in when I "blog to book" for the boys, and then take them all off again. A huge nuisance, but necessary. I had a follower send me a lifesaving email today telling me that our SS.# is viewable on one of our photos. Yikes!! We also received some answers to our questions.
1. Did he receive the photo album that we sent?
2. He will be the youngest of six boys! Is Dang,Tong a spirited, lively boy?
He is active, lively and timid.
3. What games does he like to play?
Bounce the ball.
4. Does he like to play outside?
5.Does he like dogs?
He has never had dog around him.
6. What is his favorite food?
Cracker and fruit.
7. Can the SWI send us a video of Dang, Tong?
See attachment
8. Does Dang, Tong use the toilet by himself?
Yes, he is fully potty trained.
9. Does Dang,Tong go to sleep by himself? Is he afraid of the dark?
He sleeps by himself. He is not afraid of the dark.
10. His updated measurements:
Height: 108cm; Weight: 16kg; Foot: 20. Head: 50cm; Chest: 56cm.
I'm still waiting to receive a video!!!!!!

On another note, today we are driving to Maryland (7 hours) so that the boys can participate in a taekwondo competition. They have four tournaments (all over the east coast), before they can go to nationals in Dallas in June.I hope the new little guys don't get car sick!