Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, after swimming lessons, the boys and I stopped by David's office so that they could see where Daddy went all day. One of David's law partners remarked that our lives certainly have changed! I had to pause for a second, and then honestly say that our lives really haven't changed all that much. Leo and Sam's lives have definitely changed, but we are still doing most of the same things we did before. I still stop at the store 4-5 times a week. I just buy an extra gallon or two of milk now. I still do laundry everyday. I still jog and work out on the rowing machine everyday, although now I run with a stroller and get hit with nerf bullets as I row. I garden, with the boys "help." I drive children back and forth to various lessons. I mow the lawn while the boys play on the swings. My life actually hasn't changed as much as I anticipated. The little guys play in the playroom, and I still take taekwondo classes three times a week. David still picks up children from various activities, and he still reads bed-time stories every night. We still eat dinner together every evening, and there are still left-overs, even with two more plates on the table.
Leo and Sam's lives, however, are vastly different!! What a difference a day makes in their young lives. Wow. Leo has changed drastically in the last month. He went from acting like a needy two year old, to an independent little guy who is surpassing our wildest expectations. Every morning, since Leo is the first child awake, he sets out the cereal bowls, the spoons, and the napkins. He then looks to see if David is watching, and waits for a word of praise. Leo then pours everyone a bowl of cereal, making sure he is loud enough to wake up the rest of the household! We never told or asked him how to do this little job, but it certainly makes him feel important!! Yes, Leo and Sam are two more little blessings in our daily lives, and we are grateful to be their parents. Hooray for adoption!