Monday, August 15, 2011


Well, today was a big surprise! We received a log in date of JULY 20! Wow! Almost a month ago our dossier was logged in, and we just now found out! This is the email I received:
"Ok, so… I know I told you that the CCCWA told us that they wouldn’t give you a log-in date until they got the Application Letter from us (notarized, verified and authenticated) and we still haven’t gotten that back from the Consulate yet (any day now), but … the CCCWA just sent us your log-in date – July 20th! Only 8 days after your dossier was sent. I don’t have an explanation."

Now of course we are back to hoping for a December travel date. Too funny! God has a sense of humor, I think, because the more I plan the less control I have over things!