Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update on Leo! Little Leo is Big!

We just received Leo's current measurements! He is 108cm tall (42 inches), he weighs 16kg (35.2 pounds) and his feet are 20cm long. Wow. Leo is bigger at age 4 than Ben was when we adopted him at age 6 1/2! In fact, he's only 9 pounds and 5 inches smaller than Ben is now! I take that as a good thing though. He's eating well, apparently. Also, Leo is from Daqing, far north, (almost to Mongolia), and the people in that region are known to be larger. Hopefully, we'll receive updated information on Sam soon too. I wonder if Sam, who is 18 months older than Leo, will be smaller. I hope big brother Ben isn't upset when little brother gets taller than him.