Sunday, February 20, 2011

home study almost done!

We received the first draft of our home-study by email today! Hooray! We just need to sign and return the form saying that it's correct, and then it will be sent to WACAP for review. Once the home-study is accepted, we'll be officially accepted into the China program and submitted for approval. Our social worker, Sue, has to come visit us again on March 18th, and then we're done seeing her for a little while. In the meantime, we wonder if Logan will like skiing, taekwondo, basketball, running, swimming and boating. We are such an active family, always on the go, that we hope Logan likes to be busy too. We skied with Ben all day today, and we are looking forward to teaching Logan how to ski too! This week we are buying a new (and bigger) van. Now that we know that we really will have five boys, we decided that we needed an even larger car. Most vans and SUV's fit seven passengers, but we always seem to take at least one friend with us where-ever we go. This weekend, John's friend Tyler is over for the entire weekend. We went skiing today, and we'll go skiing again tomorrow. So yes, we need a van that is almost as large as a school bus!