Monday, February 6, 2012

Pole-vault and Football

 Last year I started suggesting to the track coach (and to Austin) that Austin should learn how to pole-vault. Yes, Austin is a fabulous runner, but I wanted him to branch out a little. I know that my knees are wrecked from years of running, and I thought that a field event would be a great addition to Austin's resume. And Austin has a super strong upper body, and he's light. I mean, the kid can do a standing back flip like it's nothing, so I thought that he could probably throw himself up in the air and over a pole. Luckily, this year a pole-vaulter Mcquaid alumni was available to work with the boys that wanted to try the pole-vault, and Austin was able to try it a few times in practice. Then Friday night an amazing thing happened. It was the last indoor track meet of the season, and Austin was given the chance to pole-vault, instead of running. Wow! Using only half the pole, and taking only 3 steps, Austin cleared heights that others cleared using the whole pole and 6 steps. By the end of the meet, Austin was tied for 12th place in Class A Section V! He ended up vaulting 18 times and cleared a 10foot pole! Everyone was so excited---especially me!! The coaches all hugged me and were just ecstatic.On the way home from the meet Austin THANKED ME! He actually told me that he's happy that I pushed him into vaulting, and that I do know what's best for him. Wow again. I guess that is another thing that makes our sons different from our daughters. Our sons know that I am there to support them; I am not at their sporting events just to embarrass them. In fact, maybe I get along so well with our sons because I totally appreciate the blood, sweat and tears of their sports. And I can't even count the number of times our boys "ran me in" the last mile or two of a grueling race, encouraging me every step of the way. The shared pain and joy of athletics brings us together. Anyway, I was one proud momma at the track meet! Then to top off the fabulous weekend, yesterday was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, which is practically a national holiday. Gathering around the TV with the requisite junk food has never been so much fun!! This year we actually have an antenna so that we could watch the game at home! Connor made chicken quesadillas, John made pizza bagels and Ben made popcorn. Everyone gathered in Austin's room (it was the only place we could get a strong enough signal to get the station) and enjoyed an exciting game. The boys picked on me mercilessly when I showed my ignorance, and I enjoyed the festive occasion too. Yes, having a houseful of boys is a ton of fun.