Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who will watch the children while we're gone?

I've been reading dozens of blogs over the years, and I was inspired to try to make this blog easier to navigate and more attractive. I changed the design somehow, and now I have a difficult time getting to the page where I can post. I can "view" the blog, but I have to sign in to a different page to post now. Sometimes I can't figure out how to post at all. In any event, my biggest logistical hurdle these days is figuring out WHO will watch the children when we're in China. When we thought we were going in December, we had a multitude of caregivers (college students) from who to choose. Xiao, our former exchange student was our top choice. Now, he'll be back in school in April, and we don't know exactly who will watch the kids left at home. We hate to have our kiddos wait any longer than necessary, but it's possible we'll have to postpone going to China until June, when everyone is out of school. Yikes!!