Saturday, March 3, 2012

Packing already!

I just packed our first suitcase for China! Only five more weeks until we travel, and I will be completely ready well before the end of March. That's just my way. The first suitcase contains nine novelty flash-drives that I bought for gifts, two make-up kits (again for gifts), three digital cameras for the boys to use, two packages of pull-up diapers (just in case--and they take up a TON of suitcase room), the electric converter box, two boxes of Whales (like goldfish crackers, but better), Cliff bars (like granola bars, but healthier), two super-soft fleece blankets, three packages of balloons and the air pump (the type of balloons that can be made into animals), lice shampoo (just in case), scabies cream (just in case) and a few other little toys for the boys. We will only bring carry-on size suitcases, because I'm a firm believer in traveling light, and I'm hoping we can ditch the diapers and fill the space in with more toys/books/games for the kids once we are there in China. If we need things that I didn't pack, hey, there is a Walmart in Harbin! I also spoke with Elizabeth Rose last night, and she filled me in on our hotel itinerary. We will be in four different cities, Beijing, Harbin, Jinan and Guangzhou, so we have four different hotels booked. Oh My! That's a lot of travel in two weeks!