Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessive about travel. Before we had a houseful of children, I worked for Rosenbluth International as the international travel coordinator for Eastman Kodak for 10 years; I've seen everything possible go wrong with flights, and that experience made me picky, picky, picky about our travel. Today, when I did my quick twice daily check on airfares to China, I found that the price dropped to the lowest I've seen it all year!! Less than $1000. per ticket, including taxes. When Austin flew to China in 2008, his ticket was more expensive. So, taking a big,big risk that our dates might have to change if there is a paperwork snafu, I booked our flights into Beijing, and out of Hong Kong. I did purchase travel insurance, just in case. Now, two hours on the phone with Continental, and I finally booked our two little guys' return flights from China to home. I can't book those online because they are one-way flights originating in China. For some reason, one way tickets, China to Rochester, cost more than the round trip tickets! I hate it when that happens. I remember in 2010, I spent many, many, many hours trying to find discounted airfares for the one way tickets home, to no avail. This time, I'm just happy we were able to obtain "cheaper" tickets, although 6 tickets to China will take us a few years to pay off. Thank God for credit cards. Praying now that I booked the right dates!