Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changed my mind

I changed my mind and just reset my blog to "public." Yes, there are anti-adoption groups that have been making me the target of nasty accusations (that we adopted John so that we can make him earn money for us!), but today I decided the heck with them.  I've realized that by making my blog private, I was letting the idiots of the world censor my voice. Again, the Heck with them!!  The anti-adoption factions clearly have NO CLUE what life in an orphanage is like for these waiting children. John has told us horror story, after horror story. His life was filled with trauma, and he's writing a book to share his story with the world. Adoption isn't the solution to poverty, I know, but our adoptions have brought happiness and health to our children and our family. So there!!! On another note, I have a meeting with Ben's teachers today so that we can get his Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place for next year. Hooray! Ben is receiving the best education possible, and he will also receive extra reading help and extra test-taking time when needed. I am just thrilled!!