Thursday, September 1, 2011


As usual, I spend quite a bit of time the last few weeks of the summer taking the kids for dentist and doctor appointments. When I scheduled their next appointment for a cleaning, I actually made appointments for all six boys!! I'm hopeful that by spring, when they are all due for their next six month cleaning, we'll have Logan and Isaac home with us! So, for the very first time, I said their names in an official capacity. Does this mean that we can't change their names yet again? No, not really. But one step closer to being "set" on their names at least. On another note, I finally printed up 275 photos of our trip to China and put them in a photo album. I had a computer "scare" (thought I had a virus) and that incident reminded me that I never back up my data. I can lose all my word documents and not be too upset, but if we lost the photos of our adoption trip I'd be heart-broken. I ended up printing over 700 photos total, and created 3 different photo albums. One for the China trip, one for taekwondo photos, and one of everything else. Looking at the China photos reminded me that I haven't heard from WACAP for awhile. We are still waiting to hear if we can use our (reused) dossier to adopt both boys at once. If CCAA says no, then we'll have to create another whole new dossier for Isaac. That will be a big bummer. Obviously, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, I'm of the opinion that no news is good news. School starts in 5 days, and we are counting down the days.