Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flights to China

Instead of exercising for hours this morning, I spent all morning on the computer. First, I was checking flights to and from China. Because I was an international travel agent for many years, I am super particular about flights. And I want more information than the online sites provide the average consumer. For instance, I want to know the fare breakdown (or fare ladder). That allows me to see how much each segment of the flight actually costs. So, if Rochester to Harbin is a through fare, then it will be the same price as Rochester to Beijing. That means I'll book our flights directly with United right to Harbin. But if it's a point to point fare, it might be cheaper to book to Beijing and then book Beijing to Harbin with China Air directly. I hate not having access to the United Apollo system anymore. I also spent a long time today reading other people's blogs. Their stories are so inspiring, and truly uplifting. Their stories keep me going, during this long process. I had to set our blog to private today because the anti-adoption crowd has made us their latest target. So our story won't be available to inspire others without an invitation from me. Boo. Hiss.