Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel Call

Last night our agency representative called to make certain that I have compiled all the documents that I need to take with me to China. We have a stack, literally, 3 feet high of papers, and sometimes it is difficult to know what papers are significant. I save everything, of course, just in case. I found that I had everything I need to carry at my finger-tips, except the passport photos. Our passports are off in Washington DC right now, hopefully getting a visa stamp. In the meantime, I am filling up the days working out, packing, cleaning, and cooking. Yesterday, I helped cook and serve a lenten luncheon at church for 40 senior citizens. I made three big crockpots of soup (chicken-taco, 5 bean and sausage, and beef-vegetable) and an enormous platter of chicken-salad sandwiches. I also hired and supervised a crew to roll out our 3 acre front field. The addition of two more boys inspired me to convert our previously unused land into a soccer/lacrosse/football/baseball field.  Two nice farmers spent 5 hours on a 10 ton roller truck and we now have a relatively flat sports field. Next up--planting a vegetable garden!